About the Ranch

Our Past

For over 30 years under the hands of D’Ann Harper and her late husband, Herbert Harper, Rafter 2 Ranch has grown from a small family ranch, to a multi-location Red Brangus cattle ranch operation. The Rafter 2 is a combination of both the long standing Harper and Taylor ranches and can be traced back as far as the mid 1930’s. Their daughter, Kaye Harper Contreras, grew up ranching just like her parents and grandparents before her. Kaye has been working the day to day operations at Rafter 2 Ranch including the buying, selling, and breeding of cattle. Over the last ten years, D’Ann and Kaye have worked diligently together to create a quality Red Brangus herd at Rafter 2 Ranch, growing exponentially each year with excellence in breeding.
Rafter 2 Ranch - Red Brangus Cattle - San Antonio, Texas
Rafter 2 Ranch - Red Brangus Cattle - San Antonio, Texas

Our Present

Today, the Rafter 2 Ranch is known for its fine herd of registered and commercial Red Brangus cattle. All dames and sires come from an exceptional lineage, with proper documentation to show. These Red Brangus also provide high grade replacement heifers and bulls for sale. Recently, the Rafter 2 Ranch has branched out across the Mexico border and has begun exporting cattle to ranches there, a major accomplishment in their growth. D’Ann and Kaye work daily to ensure the continued growth and quality of the Rafter 2 Ranch Red Brangus herd while modernizing the ranching experience.